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Once upon a time there were 3 sisters who were bored of the basics… so they decided to bring out the colors in their wardrobe and paint the town red! … and blue and yellow…!!!

This post is dedicated to all those who are bored of pairing pop colored clothes with basics. Go wild! Have fun with colors.

Color blocking is a trend we have been obsessing with since 2011. It looks uber cool and effortlessly chic. It is when we use two or more solid colors together in an outfit to create one striking look. The idea is to make each color stand out rather than blending in.

Most of the time we shy away from experimenting because we fear we might look tacky, loud or over the top. Thus, we bring out the neutrals to pair with all our pop color clothes.

Here we present a GO-TO-GUIDE to COLOR BLOCKING.

‘How to select colors for color blocking?’

The safest way to color block is to use colors in a harmonious color scheme. Let us take help from the Color Wheel.

color wheel
Color Wheel

The color wheel consists of the 12 mother colors. Fear not! Taking this as a guide, use the various tints, tones and shades of these colors from your wardrobe to create your own color blocking outfit.


  1. MONOCHROMATIC COLOR SCHEME– Using any tint, tone or shade of one color.

          Ex.- Red (mother color), Tint-Pink and Shade- Crimson

>Tint– when you add White to the color

>Tone– when you add Grey to the color

>Shade– when you add Black to the color

Monochromatic Color Scheme

Here we used a Pink spaghetti top and Hot Pink pencil skirt which are both tints of red to create this girl next door look. For some added sass accessorize with a matching bow choker.

  1. ANALOGOUS COLOR SCHEME– colors that lie adjacent to each other on the color wheel. Use at least 2 and not more than 5 consecutive colors on the color wheel.

          Ex.- Blue and Blue-Green or Blue-Violet

blog analogous
Analogous Color Scheme

Here we used a spaghetti strap top in shade of Blue and a flirty high low skirt in a tint of Blue-Green to create this breezy cool summer look.

  1. COMPLIMENTARY COLOR SCHEME – 2 colors exactly opposite on the wheel.

          Ex.– Red-Violet and Yellow-Green

Complimentary Color Scheme

Here we used a classic complimentary combination to create this fun look with a Green lace crop top and Red skort.

  1. TRIAD COLOR SCHEME– 3 colors equally spaced from each other on the wheel.

          Ex.– Red-Violet, Orange, Blue-Green

blog triad
Triad Color Scheme

This is created using 3 colors, Blue, Red, Yellow that give the effortless yet edgy vibe to the look. Here we see a Red body suit paired with a Blue lace skirt and a Yellow scarf used as a belt completes the outfit.

  1. TETRAD COLOR SCHEME-using a combination of 4 colors on the wheel that are 2 sets of complements.

          Ex.– Orange, Green, Blue, Red

Tetrad Color Scheme

This is a look for the bold fashionistas among you. It is created with the help of 4 colors.

To make it a little subtle use the 3rd and 4th color in the accessory like shoes, bag, scarf, belt, statement jewelry or makeup.

  1. Split complimentary color scheme– using any color with the 2 colors on each side of its compliment.

          Ex.-Blue, Red-Orange, Green

Here are the looks we created for style inspiration with the help of split complimentary color scheme.

rithi eta
Look 1: Split Complimentary Color Scheme

Grab some eyeballs by pairing perky yellow and blue. Add drama with orange eyes and lips.

chimki eta
Look 2: Split Complimentary Color Scheme

Carry a red dress with confidence. Take it a notch up by adding teal and orange to the look.

riva eta
Look 3: Split Complimentary Color Scheme

Want to stand out in the crowd? Pair deep wine and yellow. Accessorize with green to add extra punch.

Tell us which look inspired you and do show us the looks you created. Have a blast color blocking!!

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Sasssy Sisters


  1. This post of yours is amazing! I really really loved your colorwheel! I am not the type to wear colors and if I ever tried the color-blocking trend, this would help 100%!!!! I have a similar post on my blog! Check it out you might like it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, thank you so much. We’re glad you liked our post. We’ll definitely check out your blog. Do give our other posts a read. 😊


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